About Armstrong Laboratory, Inc.

About Armstrong Laboratory, Inc.

General Information

Founded: 1894
Incorporated: 1915
Current Size: circa 30 Employees
Location: 1626 Mellwood Ave. Louisville, KY 40206
Departments: Chrome, Crown & Bridge, Denture
Mission: “We promote our doctor’s success!”

Thank you for your interest in Armstrong Laboratory. We know that you have a choice of many labs and both your reputation and your patient’s dental health rest partly in choosing the right one. Below are ten factors that set each of our departments apart from other labs. Our experience, attention to detail, use of premium materials, and the additional steps we take allow us to produce the most beautiful and functional restorations in the industry.

10 Reasons to Use Armstrong Crown and Bridge

    1. Over 100 years of experience
    2. Standard Alloy, LTA, is nickel and beryllium free with low (5%) silver content*
    3. Standard porcelain is Synspar, which comes in a wider variety of opacity. This selection allows us greater versatility in matching your patient’s shade.
    4. Standard incisal is Softspar which is kinder to opposing dentition.
    5. We duplicate the master model. Later this duplicate model is used in Q.C. to check (unabraided) contacts. This helps to ensure accuracy and save you chair-time.
    6. We use a thin layer of foil on the opposing to protect it from abrasion.
    7. We perform all critical steps under magnification (waxing, finishing, stacking, and contour). Q.C. is also done under magnification.
    8. We use multiple shades of porcelain to create a more life-like restoration.
    9. We offer many leading-edge solutions like Procera and Captek.
    10. We’re full-service and can handle combination cases.


* LTA is composed of 80% palladium, 5% silver, 6% indium, and 6% gallium. There is no nickel or beryllium in LTA.


10 Reasons to Use Armstrong Frameworks

  1. Over 100 years of experience
  2. We wrote the book on R.P.D. design (see RPD Syllabus).
  3. We don’t “farm out” our frames like other labs.
  4. We offer complimentary survey, design, and consultation on all cases.
  5. We know how to do every esthetic design currently available.
  6. We use Vitallium 2000 Plus in all our non-economy frames.
  7. We check all cases under magnification to ensure quality fit.
  8. Our fast turnaround on a frame (usually four working days).
  9. Since we’re full-service, we can handle combination cases.
  10. Patient education materials are available to our clients.

10 Reasons to Use Armstrong Dentures

  1. Over 100 years of experience.
  2. We offer a wide selection of teeth (Dentsply, Vita, and Ivoclar)
  3. We offer a wide selection of acrylic (10 different shades)
  4. We press-pack all dentures in a hydrolic compression machine at 2000 lbs psi.
  5. We boil-cure all dentures to guard against patient allergic reaction.
  6. We offer Vacalon for the patients that are more allergically sensitive.
  7. We duplicate and mount all partial denture master models to ensure accuracy.
  8. We use processed stabilized bases from Triad
  9. All cases are checked under magnification to ensure quality fit.
  10. Our attention to detail in gingival anatomy

Other Important Reasons to Choose Armstrong

  1. We stand behind our work with a no-fault remake policy and three-year warranty on all non-economy and non-repair cases.
  2. No hidden-costs. Prices include survey, design, consultation, sanitization and model work. Teeth and metal alloy need to be separate charges as the prices are outside our control.