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Technical Discussion: Bite Registration

Technical Discussion: Bite Registration

Problem: When taking bites, your patients give you a protrusive registration instead of centric. This creates serious headaches and reset try-ins.

L.T. Armstrong, DMD: Try to avoid using horseshoe of “U” shape material (wax, ect.) to register centric. When the material covers the anterior teeth two things happen, both bad. First, you loose your landmarks. When the patient closes the material covers the anterior teeth and you can not see the relationship between them. Second, when material covers the anterior teeth, the patient’s natural reaction is to incise rather than close on posterior teeth. To overcome this use either a 2-piece registration comvering the posterior teeth only or a one piece registration covering the posterior teeth connected across the palate. Always avoid covering anterior teeth with your registration material.

William Worthington, DMD: I never use the word “bite” in my office. I always say “gently squeze on your back teeth”. This reduces the patient’s normal tendancy to close in a protrusive position. Since the first teeth that you get as an infant are anterior teeth, you develop a proprioceptive tendency whenever anyone says “bite”. If you notice yourself, when you say the word, “bite”, you have the tendency to protrude your mandible. When you say the word “squeeze”, you can feel your massiter muscle firing which gives you the feeling of posterior teeth coming into contact.

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