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Technical Discussion: Tripple Tray

Technical Discussion: Tripple Tray

Do they cause remakes?

L.T. Armstrong, DMD: Approximately 75% of our Crown and Bridge remakes are from Triple Tray impressions. Are they the reason for the remakes? I’m not sure but it certainly looks like it. Neither the plastic tray nor the impression inside it is rigid. The tray, when placed in the mouth, can flex. It springs back to original form when removed. It can also flex when pouring the die or opposing model. Both of these can cause die distortion and a following remake.

Lanny C. Hinson, DDS: The triple tray is a great technique if you follow the rules. (1.) Never use a tray that has “side boards”. It will tend to flex and return to its former shape when removed from the mouth. Trays should be “sideless”. (2.) Never use putty. It is too viscous. I have used (this technique) successfully for over 7 years. For 15 years, I took a full arch and the fit was not any better.

N. Carl Wessinger, DDS: I had this problem several years ago… and considered abandoning the technique. However, I discovered a metal tray made by the Temrex Corporation. There is a stainless steel bite realtor which can be autoclaved and is reusable with a tray…. I have had no problems (since)… This may be of interest to others. …The Temrex Corporation does have a telephone number for information. It is (800) 645-1226. I have no connection with this company.

Anonymous: I had a similar problem before I switched to Impregum. Unlike (name deleted) it doesn’t use a platinum-based catalyst that can be easily contaminated.

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