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Technical Discussion: Types and Brands of Teeth

Technical Discussion: Types and Brands of Teeth

In the last five years, there has been a proliferation in the types and brands of denture teeth available for your selection. This increase in number, plus the manufacturer’s frequent price changes, has caused confusion. This page will briefly describe some of the new teeth available along with their approximate price.

S.R. Vivodent from Ivoclar

Ivoclar has introduced in the United States, the SR Vivodent Anterior and SR Orthotyp posterior. Ivoclar and Vita are the number one and two tooth manufacturers in the world. Vivodent/Orthotyp teeth are the largest selling teeth in Europe.


1) The Vivodent anterior is color blended outward from a central core rather than horizontally from gingival to incisal. This better simulates the color of natural teeth which are color blended outward from the pulp chamber. This color blending makes Vivodent the most natural appearing denture tooth available.

2) The posterior molds are available in three types:

N-type for normal class 1 occlusion,
T-type for deep overbites,
K-type for cross bites.


1) Most dentist are not familiar with Ivoclar’s Chromoscope shade guide.

2) There is not a true flat plane posterior tooth available. The K-type posterior is a 10 degree tooth with flat cusp tips, but the occlusal table is not flat.

Vita Teeth

Probably the best kept secret in U.S. dentistry: Vita Zahnfabrik makes both plastic and porcelain denture teeth. Vita porcelain teeth are hard to get in this country, but plastic teeth are readily available.


These teeth match the most popular crown & bridge shade guide, “Vita”. This eliminates the problem of trying to match a Vita shaded crown in close proximity to a artificial tooth on an removable appliance.


Doctors are not widely familiar with the Vita Molds.

Note: Both Ivoclar and Vita teeth have Inter-Polymer-Networking, making them as wear resistant as IPN. The actual term “IPN” is trademarked by Dentsply.

Dentsply TrueBlend SLM

This tooth line was introduced two or three years ago by Dentsply. It is in the European shade system. In fact, the tooth shades are very close to those in Ivoclar’s Chromoscope.


It is available in the familiar Bioform anterior and posterior molds.


1) Price, it is the most expensive tooth available
2) It requires the purchase of a new shade guide.

Dentsply Portrait

This is Dentsply’s newest tooth, introduced in the fall of 1995. It is shaded to match the Vita Shade Guide.


It is available in the familiar Bioform anterior and posterior molds.


Requires purchasing a new shade guide as Portrait has eight Bioform type shades not on
the Vita Guide.

All four brands of teeth listed have approximately the same wear resistance. the major differences are color (shade),shapes available (molds) and price.

Armstrong Laboratory also offers the following tooth selection:

Dentsply Classic (sold with economy restorations)
Dentsply Bioform (popular mid-range tooth)
Dentsply Bioblend (similar to Bioform)
Dentsply Portrait
Dentsply Trublend
Ivoclar Vivodent and Orthotype
Universal Tru-Form (porcelain teeth)

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