Innovative Products: Solutions to Common Problems

Innovative Products: Solutions to Common Problems

Crown and Bridge Restorations:

  • “I’d like to have a strong all-ceramic restoration ideal for single-unit anteriors.” Zirconia.
  • “My patient’s like the look of all gold crowns but can’t afford them. Is there a gold-colored alternative?” NPG

Removable Restorations:

  • “Denture patients are more trouble then they’re worth.” Comfort Zone
  • “My patients don’t like the unsightly clasps that show with partial dentures.” Esthetic Partials.
  • “My denture patient has a severely resorbed lower ridge. The lower ‘floats’ about.” Shipmon Base
  • “My denture patient suffers from some allergic reaction to the acrylic.” Vacalon
  • “My patient wants a better fitting denture.” Ivocap
  • “My patient has severely weakened teeth that I’m trying to preserve. A standard partial isn’t an option.” Virginia Partial