Porcelain is Abrasive!


Softspar is kinder without the disadvantages of low-fusing.

The abrasive quality of traditional crown and bridge porcelain is a serious
problem for the patient if he or she has natural teeth opposing the
restoration. Over time, natural teeth can be worn away in a manner similar to
the photo to the right. While this is an extreme example, it can happen.

Low fusing porcelain was offered in the 1980s as a solution to this problem
but there were some drawbacks like potential cracking, greening, or graying.

To solve this problem, Jeneric/Pentron has developed a new incisal porcelain
that combines all the advantages of high fusing with the non-abrasiveness of
low fusing.

At Armstrong, premium is standard. That’s why all of our non-economy PFM
crown and bridge will be made with this new incisal porcelain. It’s one more
way we can help you offer your patients a better product.

Above: Wear (in x10-2 mm2) of sectioned surface areas of enamel.