Comfort Zone Dentures

A New Denture System That Addresses the Patient Psychological Needs

Most dental professors agree that wearing dentures is as much psychological as physiological. Yet the traditional approach only addresses the latter and leaves the former to chance. No wonder denture patients are among the most difficult to please.

The Comfort Zone Denture System helps deal with the patient’s psychological needs by:

  • Educating the patient about common misconceptions with dentures
  • Establishing realistic patient goals
  • Involving the patient in decisions that won’t affect function

It also gives technical tips that helps to save chairtime, including:

  • Use of the AccuDent Impression System
  • Use of a Papillameter and other measurement tools.
  • Establishing a reliable centric bite.

Your denture practice can be a source of greater predictability and profitability. We’ve outlined the entire technique in a 20-minute video. This video is provided free with your first case.

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