The Shipmon Base

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A Solution for Severely Resorbed Ridges

If every edentulous patient lives long enough, their lower ridge will eventually resorb completely. The result is insufficient bearing area for a successful lower appliance. Implants may not be an appropriate solution if the patient either can’t afford them or doesn’t have sufficient bone structure to support them.

In cases like these, the Shipmon Base is a solution. The Shipmon Base is constructed from Vitallium and covers the non-movable, skeletal bearing areas for the mandible. The accuracy of casting the base provides close adaptation to these bearing areas and allows for accurate relief of sensitive areas, such as flabby, sharp, or bony protrusions.

Because the base of support for the casting is the skeletal, rather than the resorbing alveolar bone, the restoration remains stable over time. The additional weight of the casting also provides stability and comfort.

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