The Virginia Partial

The Ideal Partial for Patients Whose Teeth are Poorly Supported.

A patient comes into your office for treatment with only a few remaining weakened teeth. The X-rays reveal inadequate bone support for a conventional partial. The patient’s deteriorating ridge formation or general health suggests a poor prognosis for complete dentures. The patient may even have severely tilted teeth that will make the path of insertion difficult.

The Virginia Partial solves all of these problems with a new approach. It’s packed with a soft material as a band that stretches around the buccal (or labial) ridge where the patient has remaining natural teeth. Instead of relying on the undercuts of the remaining teeth, the partial can use the undercuts on the ridge for retention.

Because the soft-line material (Luci-Soft from Dentsply) is less bulky than acrylic, the lip isn’t “bulked out” the same way as with other flexible gasket partials. Also, the material stretches easily, solving just about any problems involving the path of insertion.

While other flexible gasket type partials gain their retention from the undercuts on the remaining teeth, the Virginia Partial can utilize the ridge. This difference makes for a more esthetic partial. Other flexible gasket designs may have to cover part of the remaining teeth for retention.

Other Benefits

  • KINDER: The Virginia Partial is kinder to the remaining dentition than conventional R.P.D. clasping. The soft-line material cushions the teeth from the hard denture base and protects them from the full stress of occlusal load. With adequate home care and improved hygiene, teeth with questionable bone support can be provided with a retentive appliance and, since natural teeth are retained, proprioception is maintained.
  • ESTHETIC: The Virginia Partial provides an esthetic partial that doesn’t show metal clasps.
  • MINIMAL PREPARATION: The Virginia Partial does not involve tooth preparation, endodontics, or overdenture attachments and therefore provides your patient with an economical alternative relative to overdentures.

Also, the Virginia Partial provides a good “transition appliance” in the unfortunate event that the patient loses his/her remaining natural teeth. The band is easily removed and denture teeth can be repaired in to create a full denture.


The Virginia Partial is NOT recommended for a patient who won’t take care of the appliance. The soft line material will discolor if it is not kept reasonably clean.

The impression procedures are identical to a conventional R.P.D. No
special tooth preparation is required. Be sure to save the master model after the case is completed. It will make repairs a simple procedure.

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