Vitallium 2000 Plus

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Good as Gold! Strong and Light as Chrome!

The difference in chrome alloys has just gotten a lot bigger! Vitallium has always been the best alloy available. Not only is it “nickel and beryllium free” but it contains absolutely no nickel or beryllium. What’s the difference? Any alloy that contains less than 1% nickel can be technically called “nickel free” but trace amounts of nickel are sufficient to cause allergic responses. Vitallium has none.

Of the non-Vitallium alloys available, a few are acceptable for economy work but some are actually trash alloys made from scrap called “revert” which includes used buttons, sprues and mis-castings.

Laboratory owners know the difference an alloy can make. That’s why an Austenal (Vitallium) franchise is the most sought after contract in the lab business even though materials costs for Vitallium are much higher than the others. Unfortunately, since 1930, Vitallium has become a generic term for all chrome alloys. Why? Because they all look alike (a bright, shiny, silver metal) and there have been few effective efforts to inform the dental profession about the difference.

Good as Gold/Strong as Chrome:

Now the difference has become even greater! Vitallium research developed a truly superior alloy. This material comes very close to the advantages of gold in that it work hardens at a similar rate. It’s easily adjusted chair-side with less risk of clasp breakage. As with regular Vitallium, the alloy has superior tensile strength so it can be made thin and light (unlike gold).

Better than Vitallium 2000:

Unfortunately, Austenal, Inc. has caused some confusion when they chose to name this breakthrough material “Vitallium 2000 Plus” which sounds very similar to their cheaper alloy, “Vitallium 2000.” The “Plus” sounds deceptively like it’s only an incremental improvement. While Vitallium 2000 is much better than original Vitallium, it is no where close to the advantages 2000 Plus provides you.

At Armstrong, Premium is Standard.

Armstrong Laboratory has changed all of our chrome, except economy frames, to Vitallium 2000 Plus, without increasing your laboratory fees. Since the terms “Vitallium,” “Vitallium 2000″ and “Vitallium 2000 Plus” are, at best, confusing, we also changed the technique name. We call our partial denture technique “X-Cel.” It includes not only 2000 Plus alloy but all of the other procedures we use to provide you and your patients the very best in removable appliances.